Bristol Myers Squibb Medical Strategy Manager in Shanghai, China

Expected Areas of Competence

Product/ Brand Reference Point (Internal & External) :

Product/Brand Expert

• Act as a champion for the medical knowledge of a product or products

• Continuously update knowledge of products, patient treatment trends and scientific activities within the Disease Area

• Provide timely and informative responses, which accurately reflect scientific data, to scientific queries from external customers and internal partners or liaise appropriately with Medical Information & MSM functions to provide

Promotional Material Contributor & Reviewer

• Assess promotional materials to ensure that all claims are fully supported by scientific data, and are presented in an accurate, fair and balanced manner

• Assess any global or regional promotional materials to ensure local applicability

• Contribute to the scientific content of promotional material, drawing on relevant scientific data and External Expert insights

• Assess promotional material in line with the Promotional Review SOP, clearly express rationale for any objections and sign off before release

Expert Contributor to Internal Customers (Marketing, Regulatory, OR, PV, Legal Counsel, Access)

• Provide scientific support to Marketing, Regulatory, Outcomes Research, Pharmacovigilance, Legal Counsel and Market Access

• Contribute as required along with China GCR, to the clinical development sections of OR reports

• Provide medical insight for OR studies and along with CSR&O advice on how to design and conduct trials

• Communicate closely with the Regulatory group

• Assist Legal in describing the medical basis for promotional materials, in the event of challenge by another party

Support & Trainer

• May provide initial and ongoing medical training to the Sales Force -- in collaboration with MSMs and the training department, if any -- enabling them to understand and convey the scientific benefits of a Brand appropriately

• Review training documents to check medical accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements and any necessary internal approvals

• Based on specialist knowledge may be asked to provide training to BMS staff (eg: Site Managers, Monitors etc ) about BMS products, medical concepts and available therapies

Pharmacovigilance (depending on local Pharmacovigilance organization in place)

• Contribute to ensuring the high standards of clinical safety

Data Generation:

Clinical Trial/Survey Identification

• Lead the design of BMS sponsored local trials and surveys that meet scientific needs, and take into account regulatory and legal requirements, aligned with strategic brand needs

• Ensure local clinical activities go through internal and external approval working in

conjunction with CSR&O to achieve this

• Provide significant medical input on trial and survey feasibility and site suitability

• If China GCR do not have the specialist knowledge, may be required on occasions, to work with GDO to review protocols, identify key triallists, establish appropriate local recruitment targets and select sites

• For ISRs, validate if concept is of strategic interest and support MSMs in ensuring that concepts and protocols are submitted and reviewed via the CSR&O on-line application process. Act as the local Medical contact, working in collaboration with CSR&O and decide when any delegation of communications or other activity is required to MSMs.

Clinical Trial/Survey Manager

• Take joint responsibility for patient recruitment for BMS sponsored local studies with the CSR&O Protocol Manager and if outsourced, with the CRO.

• Support the CSR&O Protocol Manager or CRO (as indicated by contract) on medical activities related to the delivery of a trial or survey

• In conjunction with CSR&O, oversee the progress of trials and surveys; ensure they are properly conducted and meet planned timelines

• Work with MSMs for the identification of suitable sites and investigators

Clinical Trial/Survey Analysis and Publications

• Provide support, if required, to statisticians with the analysis of local trials and surveys by provision of medical expertise and insight

• Review and provide input, if required, to analysis plan for local trials and surveys

• Review or prepare, if required, presentational materials, with the support of external experts, that accurately and fully reflect research outcomes and contribute to developing brand strategies that meet patient needs

• Works with CSR&O to ensure Final Study Reports (FSR) are written for any BMS sponsored local studies and work with Strategic Medical Communications to ensure data is written up into a publication in a timely manner (either externally or internally)

• For ISRs, work with CSR&O to ensure that a Sponsor-Investigator provides a final written report in the required time and complete local Medical review of any planned publications in accordance with Publication procedural documents

Contributor to Planning & Strategy:

Medical Planning

• Provide significant medical input to develop the local medical plan

• Lead the compliant execution of local medical plan activities for assigned brands (eg: Advisory Boards, Medical Education etc)

Contributor to Brand Plans & Strategies

• Participate as a member of the Local Brand Team through developing the Local Medical Plan and contributing to and challenging other aspects of the Local Brand Plan to ensure brand strategy always serves patient needs

• Build effective partnerships with Commercial counterparts

• Leverage medical insight from External Experts and other customers and knowledge of recent scientific publications to contribute to the development of China Brand Plans and Strategies

Customer Focused Activity:

Contributor to Customer Focused Activity

Contribute to building high value-added medical programs such as Continuous Medical Educational

Programs and Symposia

• Prepare or ensure MSMs are well prepared to brief BMS speakers for BMS symposia

• Support the Strategic Medical communication team in the development of scientific

External Expert Manager

• Maintain direct contact with External Experts to gather insights and input on treatments, and gain a full understanding of patient needs and behaviours, as well as scientific activities within the Disease Area

• Involve External Experts in local studies and other scientific activities


• Understand and ensure working knowledge of the SOPs, ICH GCP, as well as legal and ethical standards

• Alert management to possible compliance issues

Experiences Desired

§ Masters in Medicine or Above. Medical doctor (physician) with experience in a specific Disease Area or with a broad medical background is preferred

§ Minimum 3 years in clinical practice or pharmaceutical R&D, related specialty practice or medical affairs experience is a plus

§ Able to work within matrix organization and provide leadership

§ Designing and implementing clinical trials

§ Developing and delivering scientific presentations and publications in English and local language

§ Good scientific thinking, agility in learning and good communications skills

§ Training others

§ Good computer skills (Word, Powerpoint and Excel skills)

Knowledge Desired

§ Disease Area knowledge, including key scientific publications

§ Understanding of product development process over different stages

§ Basic statistical techniques

Developmental Value

§ Experience of managing clinical trials across multiple phases of development

§ Exposure to compliance requirements (SOPs, ICH GCP)

§ Exposure to the way in which a pharmaceutical company operates at local, regional and global levels

§ Opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of products within Disease Area

§ Introduction to basic management concepts and tools

§ Experience working with different functions (e.g., Commercial and Regulatory) in the local organisation

§ Opportunity to develop strong oral and written communication skills through presenting at congresses and fora, and participating in the development of publications

§ Exposure to pricing issues related to country

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