Bristol Myers Squibb Manager, Data Strategy & Acquisition in Princeton, New Jersey

Manager, Data Strategy and Acquisition

Manager, Data Strategy and Acquisition joins a team of 5 individuals committed to building and running a best in class data strategy capability for insights and analytics, accelerating and empowering bold business decisions that impact company lifeline and patients.

This role serves as single point contact to provide data strategy and acquisition for a few BMS US launched brands and early assets in pipeline.

This is an important, highly visible cross matrix team leadership opportunity that calls for best candidate combining data knowledge, analytical & critical thinking, business acumen and art of cross functional leadership.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • This role provides thought leadership in innovative and valuable data solutions to senior leadership across functions (Business Insights & Analytics, Development team leads and Brand leads)

  • Establish Focus : Work with senior leaders to synthesize key questions that need data solution to drive meaningful business decisions. Integrate various data needs from Clinical, HEOR, Global Commercialization and Markets into one common understanding of data focus for the aligned therapeutic area. Potential impact could include: clinical site selection, trial recruitment, value-based evidence generation, go to market strategy and market resource deployment.

  • Prospecting : Leveraging knowledge of rapidly evolving data marketplace, develop hypothesis and supporting data plan. Focus on innovative use of data to drive unique and valuable insights. In the long run, anticipate future data needs and propose bold partnerships with data suppliers to maintain our competitive edge in the industry.

  • Feasibility Analysis : Under the supervision of Director or Associate Director, Data Strategy & Acquisition, this position will develop and apply thorough business rules against sample dataset to estimate impact and quality. Provide neutral and fact based evaluation to each individual data source and achieve consensus decision on vendor selection.

  • Impact Evaluation: Lead matrix team to ensure speed and rigor from contracting to pay, from quality control to onboarding. Post-acquisition revisit impact to evaluate integrity of hypothesis built. If there‚Äôs gap identify root cause and plan corrective action.


  • Data Knowledge : Basic understanding of industry secondary data landscape, key players and emerging trends. Familiar of how data are collected via different channels and each strengths and limitations when used for specific analytical purpose. Demonstrate basic working knowledge on data parameters and their impact on insights generation. With the supervision of Director or Associate Director, Data Strategy & Acquisition, this position is able to develop comprehensive and thorough logic and algorithm to translate business scenarios to data rules (LOT, eligibility, patient start, end treater, stability panel etc).

  • Analytical & Critical Thinking : Basic logic and analytical thinking. Basic working knowledge to ask key questions to summarize secondary datasets. Articulate data potential usage in different business context and each calls for specific analytical techniques. With the supervision of Director or Associate Director, Data Strategy & Acquisition, this position can demonstrate and discuss fluently those techniques and evaluate its impact on data pre and post acquisition. Give neutral evaluation and concise recommendation supported by exhaustive thought process and analysis.

  • Business Acumen : Basic understanding of key business decisions and impact across product life cycle. Comfortable discussing key analytical insight use and business tactics in details.

  • Persuasion : With the supervision of Director or Associate Director, Data Strategy & Acquisition, this position can be confident act as thought partner to senior leaders from a mix of disciplines. Comfortable bring forward new / different ideas. With the supervision of Director or Associate Director, Data Strategy & Acquisition, this position could be effective in problem solving & decision making within such a team.

  • Neutrality : Fair and neutral during the whole process of prospecting, evaluating and internal discussion. Seek balanced approach and maintain openness to digest different perspectives.

  • Innovation : Commit to long term innovation in both data usage and way of partnerships with data suppliers. Always willing to challenge status quo and seek new ways and ideas to provide unique value.

  • Speed & Rigor : Customer focused. Results driven with attention to details. Quick learner. Process oriented. Move quickly and stay organized.


  • Minimum 6 years secondary data analytics experience, with a minimum 2 years with healthcare secondary datasets experience. A holistic data working knowledge is a must (claims, pharmacy, EMR, labs, remittance, chart audit)

  • Proven ability working with senior business leaders

  • Master or higher degree preferred

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled