Bristol Myers Squibb Oncology Hematology GI Field Medical Scientist - West TX, OK in Houston, Texas

The FMS role embodies our medical mission in becoming a trusted, agile partner who engages in relevant dialogue and delivers timely, high impact data and insights that advance the science or accelerate access, optimize medical practice and drive appropriate adoption of BMS medicines. The FMS role is field-based and it is anticipated that an FMS will spend a minimum of 60-70% of their time in the field with external customers.

The primary role of the FMS is to develop relationships and maintain contacts with research focused Thought Leaders (TL) and Healthcare Providers (HCP) within their healthcare system. The purpose of interactions is to engage in meaningful scientific exchange that will ensure patients have access to BMS medicines, to ensure their safe and appropriate use through peer to peer discussions aligned with medical strategies and needs expressed by external stakeholders. The scientific dialogue focuses on scientific/clinical information around disease management, treatment landscape, and BMS products in a fair and balanced way and includes appropriate clinical and value related discussions.

External Environment and Customer Focus

  • Develop andmaintainrelationshipswithacademicand community researchthought leaders,appropriate HCPs, and access stakeholders,within a given geography toanswerscientific,unsolicitedproductand HEOR relatedquestions.

  • Note: OnlyHematologyFMSsare trained on HEOR and access resources. The FMS will use variouschannels for interactions(1:1,grouppresentation;remote,etc).

  • Demonstrateproficiencyinusingavailablescientificresourcesandpresentations. Effectively present informationto TL/HCPs and be abletorespondtoquestions,ensuring medical accuracy andcompliancewithlocalprocedures,ethicalandlegalguidelinesanddirectives.

  • Actively assess the medical landscapeby meeting with TL/HCPs to understand theirneedsandexpertise. Continuously updateown knowledge intreatmentstrategies,products,unmetmedicalneeds,clinicaltrialsandscientificactivities.Understandthecompetitivelandscape and actively preparetoaddressinformationalneeds of customers.

  • Collectand provide meaningful medical insightsand/or impact bycommunicatingthese back tothe medical and commercial organizationstobeactionedin support ofthestrategy development.

Contribute to the Medical Plan

  • Adoptinstitution/accountplanningapproachandcontributetocross-functionalinstitution/accountplans.

  • Contributetodevelopmentanddeliveryofscientificallymeaningful medical programs/projectsinlinewiththelocalMedicalandFieldMedicalplan.

Provide Medical Support

  • As necessary and appropriate,supporttheinitialandongoingmedical/scientificarea and productspecifictrainingandprovidekeyscientificupdatestointernalstakeholders(e.g.Commercial,Regulatory,Pharmacovigilance,Legal, HEOR, Value Access & Payment).

Support Clinical Trial Activities

  • SupportInterventionalandNonInterventionalResearch(NIR)studies(e.g.identificationand assessment ofpotential study sites)to support patientrecruitment and/ordiscussionsaround the safe and effective use ofBMSinvestigationalproducts,asagreedwith home officemedicalandGlobalClinicalOperations (GCO) andasdefinedbythe study scope document.

  • Providerecommendationsandinsightstoclinical development teamon study and sitefeasibilitieswithin the therapeuticareabasedonknowledgeofthe field and throughdirect contacts with potential investigators,asagreedwith home office medicaland GCO.

  • Actively support CRO sponsored studiesasagreedwithhome office medical and GCO andasdefined by the study scope document.

  • SupportHCPsintheISR submission andexecutionprocessand study follow-upasagreeduponwith home office medical and GCO.

  • Ensurethat BMS Pharmacovigilanceprocedural documents are understood andapplied byinvestigators oflocalstudies,andalertappropriate BMS personneltoanyidentifiedAdverse Events.

Required Experience

  • MD, PharmD, DNP, or PhD, with experiencein a specificDiseaseAreaorwith a broad medical background(preferred) OR ScienceGraduatewithrelevant pharmaceutical experience

  • A minimumof 2 yearsworkingin a clinicalorpharmaceuticalenvironment

​Knowledge Desired

  • Disease area knowledge and an understandingofscientificpublications

  • Knowledge of a scientificorclinicalarea

  • Knowledge of clinical trial design and process

  • Knowledge of the national healthcare and access environment

  • Knowledge of HEOR core concepts

  • Excellent English language skills,spokenandwritten

  • Travel required

Experience Desired

  • Ability to work independently and act as a team player

  • Translating scientific or clinical data intoanunderstandableandvaluable form tohelpphysiciansbest serve theirpatients

  • Good communication and presentation skills to present scientific and/or clinical data to research or healthcare professionals

  • Developing peer-to-peer relationships with TLs, scientists andotherhealthcareprofessionals

  • Ability to quickly and comprehensively learn about new subject areas and environments

  • Demonstration of the BMS CoreBehaviors

Essential Qualifications

Ability to drive a company-provided car is an essential qualification of this position. Candidates must be able to drive a BMS-provided vehicle between locations (often great distances apart), and arrive at each location ready and able to enthusiastically and efficiently demonstrate an applied knowledge of pertinent health care industry trends. Candidates must possess a high level of ethics, integrity and responsible and safe driving history.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.