Bristol Myers Squibb EHSS & Facility Manager Switzerland in Cham, Switzerland

Key Responsibilities and Major Duties


According to legislation and BMS corporate rules, working without direct supervision and in matrix collaboration:

  • Ensure full compliance of BMS Organization located in Switzerland with EHS Swiss regulations and BMS EHSS Global Policies, Directives and Procedures.

  • Build and sustain a strong EHSS mind set at the Swiss sites and among none-office based workers.

  • Ensure and manage EHS recordkeeping systems to track incidents, training and corrective actions.

  • Support workers compensation cases, including return to work program implementation.

  • Interact regularly with the global EHSS Team and implement all BMS EHSS Directives and Policies.

  • Develop and implement Environmental Health and Safety programs designed to minimize employee (Office based and non-office based) exposure to workplace stressors.

  • Plan, coordinate and ensure availability of environmental and other relevant permit.

  • Manage routine deployment of site emergency response team.

  • Provide 24/7 emergency response capability for site.

  • Interface with local regulatory agency officials.

  • Lead and represent BMS during inspections, audits and environmental compliance.

  • Conduct EHS training required by BMS and local regulatory agencies.

  • Manage Contractor and Manage Office’s Safety Programs, in compliance with Swiss & BMS rules.

  • Design and Manage BMS Switzerland’s Phone and Car programs, ensuring cost/service effectiveness, within BMS global guidelines.

  • Coordinates the waste management program.


  1. Manage office space and cafeteria daily operation.
  • Ensure availability and efficient allocation/management of business space.

  • This include, but is not limited to planning of: Workstations, Conference rooms, Cafeteria, Innovation areas seating plan, as well as employees onboarding.

  • Liaison with the landlord of the company’s premises

Ongoing Office evolution:

  • Interested and Savy in "Work Space Concept/Evolution", allowing the Job Holder to lead & advice the OpCo on efficient office space concept (share/hot desk, non-dedicated one, desk on time etc).

  • Collaborate closely with HR and leverage BMS global in-house and external knowhow to keep BMS offices attractive to our current and future talents.

  • Design and maintain/improve the office condition by implementing the renovate plan and assess the feasibility and needs of the relocation and of office changes (add or remove space).

  • Plan and oversee implementation of all office moves, adds and changes (incl. office furniture).

    KPI: Develop, use and report relevant KPI

Ensure all mandatory licenses and authorizations are available.

  1. Plan, manage, track and monitor budgets, costs and investments
  • Actively identify and implement savings and/or service improvements.

  • Contacts (incl. Lease) and services agreements: align with procurement lead and ensure timely generation and monitoring (delivery and compliance) for all matters in Job holder scope and per BMS polices (included, but not limited to: office spaces, Parking, car fleet, telephone fixed and mobiles, rental contracts, cafeteria, office supplies, conference room equipment, furniture etc.)

  • Create contracts and CAR requests, secure approvals & payment in Ariba, SAP or other systems, in compliance with BMS rules. Monitor the monthly reconciliation on P-card

  1. Lead in cross-functional meetings to identify growth or change facilities requirements, including resource requirements and timelines. Consult and Communicate with all levels (from employees to GM), as business requires.

  2. Manage on-site Services:

  • Administrative services, in collaboration with the reception’s lead: copy services, mailroom services, convenience centers and office supplies, office furniture, beamers and likes.

  • Amenities and employee services: cafeteria, equipment of meeting rooms, etc.

  • Coordinate company events or collaborate with other involved peoples (GM's assistants).

  • Manage corporate design (template letters, faxes, email, etc.).

Disclaimer: The responsibilities listed above are only a summary and other responsibilities will be requirements as assigned.

BMS BioPharma Behaviors

  • Passion: We pursue excellence to help patients prevail. I set high standards for myself and others to win for our patients / I energize others / I strive to learn something new every day / I treat my patients, customers and colleagues with compassion, empathy and respect.

  • Innovation: We embrace new ideas. I challenge the status quo / I seek and share bold idea that help BMS win / I pursue and understand diverse perspectives outside of BMS / I encourage and have constructive debates / I embrace change to drive innovative outcomes / I rebound quickly and learn from my mistakes.

  • Accountability: We own our outcomes and the outcomes of others. I own BMS? Success by holding myself and others accountable / I share information in a transparent and honest way / I celebrate my successes and the successes of others / I coach and mentor others with good intent and purpose / I am inclusive and bring out the best in others / I understand what people do and the impact I have on them.

  • Speed: We act with urgency and agility. I work with a sense of urgency / I focus on what’s important / I consult with the right people to move quickly / I seek efficient, effective solutions / I quickly assess potential risks and rewards / I break silos and eliminate unnecessary rules / I make decisions with resolve and enable others to do the same.

We’re creating innovative medicines for patients fighting serious diseases. We’re also nurturing our own diverse team with inspiring work and challenging career options. No matter the role, each one of us makes a contribution. And that makes all the difference.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.